[time-nuts] WWVB: measuring local 60 KHz noise

Dana Whitlow k8yumdoober at gmail.com
Sat May 5 17:27:36 EDT 2018

Alex- how many turns on that loop?


On Sat, May 5, 2018 at 2:35 PM, Alexander Pummer <alex at pcscons.com> wrote:

> tuned,[ fine-tuning with vari-caps remotely] large size frame antenna 1
> meter dia provides mV size 60kHz in the Livermore area in California from
> the Colorado WWVB TX
> 73
> Alex
> On 5/5/2018 6:17 AM, Ulrich Rohde via time-nuts wrote:
>>   I am trying to use the 60 KHz for synchronization of a Rb receiver. The
>> local NJ noise and the signal in dBuV are about the same with an active
>> antenna, electric field.  A better solution might be a ferrite selective
>> antenna, H field , if I find one.
>>   73 de N1UL
>>     In a message dated 5/5/2018 4:09:25 AM Eastern Standard Time,
>> hmurray at megapathdsl.net writes:
>>     Review/background: I have an UltraLink 333 WWVB receiver. It didn't
>> work.
>> Several weeks ago. a discussion here mentioned that the phone cable
>> between
>> the main box and antenna needs to be straight through rather than the
>> typical
>> reversed. That was my problem. With the correct cable, the meter shows
>> signal and bounces around such that with practice, I could probably read
>> the
>> bit pattern. But it didn't lock up.
>> That was several weeks ago. I left it running. When I looked last night,
>> it
>> had figured out that it is 2018. I wasn't watching or monitoring, so I
>> don't
>> know how long it took.
>> I assume the problem is noise. Is there any simple way to measure the
>> noise
>> around 60 KHz? How about not so simple?
>> Extra credit for a way that others nuts can reproduce so we can compare
>> the
>> noise at my location with other locations.
>> Can any audio cards be pushed that high? I see sample rates of 192K, but I
>> don't know if that is useful.
>> I'd also like to measure the propagation delays on WWV so a setup for HF
>> that
>> also works down to 60 KHz would be interesting.
>> ----------
>> The UltraLink documentation says the display has a slot for a C or H. The
>> C is for Colorado and the H is for Hawaii. Did WWVH have a low frequency
>> transmitter many years ago? The NIST history of WWVH doesn't mention it.
>> My guess is a cut+paste from a version that listened to WWV/WWVH.
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