[time-nuts] Fwd: HP 53131A Power Off Mod

Tim Tuck timt at skybase.net
Tue May 8 01:27:59 EDT 2018

Hi Wayne,

Congrats on a nice simple mod !

I have both a 53131 and 181 in need of these :)

Can you share the gerbers for your PCBs and then I can cut them out on 
my mill.

I could probably make a few for any interested Australians, to save on 
cross pond postage.



On 8/05/2018 9:08 AM, Wayne Holder wrote:
> I recently purchased a surplus HP 53131A and was surprised to see that it's
> designed to stay partially powered on, with the fan running, even when the
> power switch is in standby.  The manual says this is for timebase
> temperature stability but, since I plan to use with my Trimble Thunderbolt
> as the reference source, I don't really need this feature.  So, I decided
> to see if I could change this.

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