[time-nuts] Simon Winchester: The Perfectionists

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Tue May 8 03:36:40 EDT 2018

In 'The Perfectionists' Simon Winchester Looks At History Of Precision 


KELLY: You write about that in such a personal way in the book. You include 
the detail of your Sunday morning ritual, of walking room to room in this old 
farmhouse you live in and correcting all the clocks, you know, pushing one 
hand forward a little bit and another hand back, and that you love the 
inaccuracy of that, that they're all chiming totally out of sync by midway 
through the next week.

WINCHESTER: Yes, a lovely description in Dorothy L. Sayers' book "Gaudy 
Night" about the clocks in Oxford chiming midnight in friendly disagreement. 
Well, I like clocks having friendly disagreement. I loathe digital watches 
with, I mean, the one I dare say you're looking at in the studio now, with 
microsecond countdowns. Let's take it a bit easier. Let's be a bit fuzzy in 
our needs and desires and wishes.


I don't know if the book discusses time.  If you aren't familiar with his 
work, he's good.

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