[time-nuts] nuts about position (cheap receiver)

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Thu May 10 22:52:52 EDT 2018

I have Lady Heather's RINEX writer working fairly well.  Handles GPS and GLONASS (should also do Galileo when the M8T comes in from Germany... was "in stock" but it took them over a week to ship it).

I just did a run on the Furuno GT-8736.  It only outputs pseudoranges.  A 2.5 hour run @ 1Hz had error ellipses around 0.4 meters lat/lon  1 meter altitude..  similar to a Ublox-5T with pseudoranges and carrier phase.  The LEA-5T with 17 hours of 1Hz data were .17 /.15 /.4 meters... not too shabby for a $25 receiver.

The NVS-08 with 3 hours of 1Hz GPS/GLONASS data was 0.63/0.59/1.5m (without GLONASS data being processed).   Once CSRS-PPP had GLONASS orbit data available, they automatically re-ran it and the error ellipses improved to .57/.56/1.4m

A 19 hour/1Hz run on a NVS-08 receiver was 0.175 meters lat/lon .455 meters altitude.  

Results from the Z12 in L1/L2 mode were... iffy...  then the receiver died.

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