[time-nuts] Ashtech Z12 question.

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Fri May 11 13:18:40 EDT 2018

Hi Mark:

I've found there are two main reasons older equipment stops working.
1. A metal to metal joint that's supposed to be conductive is not. See Hints & Tips: What Goes Wrong:
The fix is simply to disassemble, cycle all joints a few times and reassemble.
I have a gut feeling that applying oxygen free silicon grease before reassembly might be a real fix, but don't have 
enough data to make the claim.

2. Capacitors go bad.  Electrolytic caps essentially become open circuits and can do that without any indication of a 
problem.  Other times caps fail and cause very noticeable problems for adjacent components.  So a visual and nasal 
inspection is the fist step.  An ESR meter is the second step.

Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke

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> Antenna is good... it is feeding an HP amplified splitter which goes to 7 other receivers.
> And yes, it died in the middle of a run.
> I have another Z12 coming from Ebay...
> ------------------
>> Rats.  Is the antenna known to be good?  Is the Z12 providing bias on the
> antenna cable?  Did the Z12 stop tracking right in the middle of the
> session with no nearby events or configuration changes?
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