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Thanks.  I read the free part on Amazon and have ordered one of the books from the bibliography:
Idea Makers: Personal Perspectives on the Lives & Ideas of Some Notable People 
Stephen Wolfram

It's interesting the the tolerance for the early Watts steam engines was 0.1" in the late 1700s.  When I was working 
with microwave mechanical parts 200 years later (1970s)  the no extra charge tolerance was 0.005".
The parts I now (40 years later) buy from the local fully automated machine shop have a no extra charge tolerance of 
0.0005".  They call it 500 millionths since the coordinate measuring machine uses those units.

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> WSJ had review of The Perfectionists by Simon Winchester May 5-6( Books).  Sounds right up this group's alley.  As the reviewer states, it: corrals a large cast of eccentric individuals."  Many of which it might have been fun to spend time with.   I've read a few of his other 29 books and most are an interesting ride.  I have one on order.  N0UU
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