[time-nuts] GPS Timing Antenna Failure - Long

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sun May 13 21:42:41 EDT 2018

>  I can't count the number of times flux and whisker  growth has caused
> problems in circuitry and connectors.

A whisker might explain things.  Would that also show up as over-current?

> So there are 3D quadrifiliar GPS antennas..

This photo is from 2009:

That's from a Lucent KS-24019L112A.

A Maxrad antenna, PN: Z3001, has the same shape, tan top with similar insides.

Another one from, Pctel, GPS-TMG-HR-26N, has a slightly larger cylinder.
It has a metal base plate.

Motorla, AN25090031, shorter and wider has a patch.
NAIS, CCAH32ST04, has a patch.

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