[time-nuts] Caving In: Throwing Money at Solution

Clay Autery cautery at montac.com
Wed May 16 06:15:38 EDT 2018

Just dropped orders for
1) Bodnar GPSDO - feed VNA, other lab instruments, and K3s radio2) LeoNTP - time for network and clients.3) SDR-Kits DG8SAQ VNWA 3EC - long list of jobs/projects
I really wanted to build a RPi NTP and mod the NORTEL GPSDO for 10Mhz and even maybe build a VNA....  I have all the materials for the first two projects sitting on the bench.
But I looked at the feed line on the floor from the GPS antenna on the 38 ft mast outside, at my projects list, and at my "have to do" list and I simply realized that I can't build everything I want to.....  not if I want to get my station/lab anywhere near functional in the time I have left!  :)
So, I've decided to throw money at these three projects.  Now I can move on to actually building towers, antennas, and other fun stuff.
Trying NOT to feel lazy for NOT building what I can....  but I have a tiltdown tower and foundation to do, antennas to build, lighting and ground systems to build, etc...
For now, I'll just have to accept "good enough" on the GPSDO.
Have a great day!Clay, KY5G

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