[time-nuts] Bodnar "Precision Frequency Reference (GPS Clock)" AND LeoNTP Networked Time NTP Server Questions

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri May 18 06:15:58 EDT 2018

Anyone who is using one (or both) of these, and/or folks who have a
logical opinion:
There's more...  but this is a good start.  Just want to try and get
parts on the way.  Have to build a separate outboard regulator for the
timing GPS antenna, too.


Clay Autery


I have all three of these units, all powered off USB.  I don't see any 
reason why you shouldn't use a USB cable with just the DC part connected, so 
that there's no issue about radiation.  A standard USB port would only 
supply 0.5A so that's an upper limit on the power consumption.  If it's a 
very long USB cable (you mention mast-head) check the resistance.

As a crude guide...

- The (larger box) NTP server feels cold to the touch.

- The smaller, single output frequency source feels very slightly warm to 
the touch (feeding an Icom IC-R8600)

- The larger, dual-output frequency source feels slightly warm to the touch.

There's an e-mail address where you could ask:  support at leobodnar.com

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