[time-nuts] ✘NEO-M8N vs. NEO-M8T

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sun May 20 23:22:46 EDT 2018

gem at rellim.com said:
> Yeah, which does me zero good real time.  I'm putting the PPS into a TICC.
> My TICC has not way to accept real time corrections.  So that does me no
> good, except as a post processing step. 

Yes, but that post processing step can be done in real time.  Assuming you 
are writing the TICC data to a log file:
  Read the TICC data.
  Read the sawtooth info.
  Apply the sawtooth correction.
  Write out the updated TICC data.

I'd actually write out the raw TICC and sawtooth info and do the correction 
later on but the above recipe will drop into your current work flow for 
making your graphs.

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