[time-nuts] ✘NEO-M8N vs. NEO-M8T

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Mon May 21 12:09:38 EDT 2018

Lady Heather can configure the various time pulse / PPS outputs on the Ublox receivers. (P keyboard menu)  If the receiver supports sawtooth data, the current sawtooth value will be shown at the top of the screen (second column).  It can also be shown in the plot area (GD will toggle the sawtooth graph... it is off by default since it tends to be noisy looking mess).  Ublox receivers may power up speaking NMEA.  If you start Heather up with the /rxu command, it will put it into Ublox binary mode.  

The Thunderbolt has no sawtooth error since the GPS RF chain is locked to the OCXO.  If the OCXO is too far off freq the Thunderbolt will not be able to track satellites.

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