[time-nuts] 5950 Crystal impedance meter manual

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Wed May 23 14:13:00 EDT 2018

Hi Luciano:

I have some web pages about crystals and testing them:
http://www.prc68.com/I/CrystalImpedanceMeters.html - Crystal Impedance Meters (Saunders 150)
http://www.prc68.com/I/Xtal.shtml#TE - Crystals in general & Test Equipment (see Trivia below)
http://www.prc68.com/I/Xam.html - Crystal Activity Meters
http://www.prc68.com/I/Xec.shtml - Equivalent Circuit
http://www.prc68.com/I/4395A.shtml#ZT - The Z transform method is also used in commercial crystal test sets like the HP 
E4915, E4916, E5100.

Trivia: The HP 4194 may be the only instrument that can really characterize watch crystals ( 32768 Hz) for impedance 
which is in the meg Ohms range.  Some of the HP network analyzers can fit swept frequency data into an equivalent 
crystal equivalent circuit.

Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke

-------- Original Message --------
>     Hi all,
>     I found this Crystal Impedande Meter produced by RFL Industries inc, Boonton.
>     I would like to understand how to use it and I do not have any documentation.
>     I'm not even able to figure out if it works properly.
>     I would like to ask you if someone owns the service/operating manual and can share it with me.
>     Look at the picture thanks
>     Luciano
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