[volt-nuts] volt-nuts Digest, Vol 4, Issue 10

Alan Scrimgeour scrimgap at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Dec 2 02:34:20 UTC 2009

Thanks for the replies.

I'm not certain industry would have followed my concept even if it works. 
What they like is something that's dirt cheap to produce and sells for a 

However I think I may still be wasting my time as I'm now thinking the 
difficult part is testing a new reference over years to qualify its 
performance. For a start you need to compare it to a very reliable reference 
and I don't have one (I'm aware of the Josephson standard)...

Even if I build several refernces and note over time that they stay in close 
agreement I can't tell if they're very low drift or just all drifting 
together. Really each reference needs to be as independant as possible, 
right down to their design. Then hopefully the chance of each reference 
drifting just like all the others will be very low. It's all statistics in 
the end. Oh well...

I've spotted these on eBay, but I'm suspicious about their quality and 
anyway you have to add the other ultra precise components :


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