[volt-nuts] Calibration

J. Forster jfor at quik.com
Mon Oct 5 05:01:20 UTC 2009

Well, you can calibrate it to the standards you have. The resolution will
still be there, but the absolute accuracy will not.

Do you REALLY NEED the absolute accuracy?



> Hello fellow nut-cases.
> What does everyone do for calibration? I recently powered an instrument
> (HP 3468A) and it displayed "ERROR 1" - which means the battery backed CAL
> RAM values are kaput. I popped the cover to discover the battery had been
> replaced at some time (it is putting out the required 3Vdc) but the RAM
> contents have probably been toast since then.
> The service manual is available online from Agilent. Required calibration
> equipment is well beyond my meager 'home lab'? inventory. I have a couple
> of GR resistance standards at 0.01%, but the cal procedure calls for
> 0.0005%. Some of the tests require a voltmeter that has 10x the accuracy
> of the 3468A? **AND** has been calibrated to that accuracy within the
> previous 24hours of running the 3468A cal.
> I also have a couple of Solartron 7060s (one re-branded as a WESTON 7060),
> a Solartron 7081 and miscellaneous toys.
> So aside from selling my car to pay for NIST traceable calibration for all
> this equipment, what other options are there?
> Best,
> Jerry
> p.s.  The time-nuts T-bolt group buy lets me do the frequency related
> stuff.? Thanks TAPR!
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