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Easyis way is that you have something stable. Then measure it at a place where they can do that with great accuracy and write the value on the resistor together with the teperature. Then this is your reference. So you dont have a 10K resistor but a 10.001234 k resistor. As far as you know the difference its ok.
A reference with an LTZ1000 voltage standard ic at about 7V is less than 1ppm per year after the first year.

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> Hello fellow nut-cases.
> What does everyone do for calibration? I recently powered
> an instrument (HP 3468A) and it displayed "ERROR 1" - which
> means the battery backed CAL RAM values are kaput. I popped
> the cover to discover the battery had been replaced at some
> time (it is putting out the required 3Vdc) but the RAM
> contents have probably been toast since then.
> The service manual is available online from Agilent.
> Required calibration equipment is well beyond my meager
> 'home lab'? inventory. I have a couple of GR resistance
> standards at 0.01%, but the cal procedure calls for 0.0005%.
> Some of the tests require a voltmeter that has 10x the
> accuracy of the 3468A? **AND** has been calibrated to that
> accuracy within the previous 24hours of running the 3468A
> cal.
> I also have a couple of Solartron 7060s (one re-branded as
> a WESTON 7060), a Solartron 7081 and miscellaneous toys.
> So aside from selling my car to pay for NIST traceable
> calibration for all this equipment, what other options are
> there?
> Best,
> Jerry
> p.s.  The time-nuts T-bolt group buy lets me do the
> frequency related stuff.? Thanks TAPR!
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