[volt-nuts] Best reference after LTZ1000

NeonJohn jgd at neon-john.com
Sat Aug 14 16:22:39 UTC 2010

Mark Sims wrote:
> Look at the cheap voltage references at voltagestandard.com  He uses
> a TI REF50xx chip.  He also sells a current reference. I had a 4.096V
> reference (that I set to 4.096000V) knocking around in a draw for
> over a year.  I dug it out a couple weeks ago,  turned it on,  and it
> said 4.096000V.  Not too shabby for 25 bucks. 

I bought one of his 5 volt references about 2 years ago.  I have a pair
of Fluke 8800 5.5 digit voltmeters, at least 30 years old and at least
10 years since a traceable calibration.  I had temporarily retired them
because they both needed new filter capacitors in the power supply.

I recently needed them for a project so I replaced the filters, fired
them up, connected that little standard to them and....

5.0000 volts on both meters.  And THAT, sports fans, is why I buy Fluke
voltmeters!  Oh, and the voltagestandard.com dude makes a GREAT little


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