[volt-nuts] Best reference after LTZ1000

Marvin E. Gozum marvin.gozum at jefferson.edu
Sun Aug 15 19:41:11 UTC 2010

Both Geller and Malone claim you can pick up at least a fixed voltage 
reference from them with ppm accuracy at low cost.



It won't provide full calibration, but you can at least work off the 
ranges applicable to their 5 or 10V reference as calibrated.

At 02:05 PM 8/14/2010, Andrea Baldoni wrote:
>On Sat, Aug 14, 2010 at 03:27:24PM +0000, Mark Sims wrote:
> > Look at the cheap voltage references at voltagestandard.com ?He uses a TI
> > REF50xx chip. ?He also sells a current reference.
>Thank you. It's interesting!
>I think anyway I could reach same (hope better) results with the hardware I
>bought. For instance I would try to not put in a trimmer in such a way to
>degrade the performance of the reference. Better not trim at all instead.
>The only problem is that I lack the opportunity to calibrate what I build
>against another reference... I live in Italy and labs and individuals with
>adequate instrumentation are not so easy to find...
>About the Fluke meters and their lifetime long calibration, I already heard
>of this and I could confirm it, but I have just an hand held 177 and it lacks
>enough digits to be sure. Wonder if someone has feedback about the drift of
>the 34401A (and 34970A that has the same voltmeter inside).
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