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Marv Gozum @ JHN marvin.gozum at jefferson.edu
Mon Aug 23 19:55:53 UTC 2010

It would be nice, but it likely unnecessary. The calibrations need to 
be done only at the start of the data collection and then at the end, 
to establish the end points.  The collected data plots how it varies 
day to day, and the general trend.

Sorry, last message sent prematurely.

Also, in setting the environment, its not necessary to complicate 
calculations and let it swing to extremes.  So keeping the reference 
in a temperature controlled room set by an ordinary air conditioner 
is enough to reduce swings in relative humidity and temperature, but 
not control it.  This leaves barometric pressure as the largest variable.

At 06:40 AM 8/23/2010, Greg Burnett wrote:
>I forgot to mention: It would be good to plot your "statistical dcv system"
>vs. a known external reference (e.g., JJ-array if your goal merits that
>level of reference).

Best Wishes,

Marv Gozum

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