[volt-nuts] do you like Labview in your labs?

J. Forster jfor at quik.com
Mon Dec 6 15:49:39 UTC 2010

Why use LabVIEW?

Because it is largely a standard and a lot of bugs have been found. Also,
programmers don't screw with it, unbenownst of all the users.

A parable:

Many years ago, I was using a DG RDOS system. I had several large HDs (for
the day). A guy at Harvard, with a PhD and more, wrote a "backup" utility
that would back up a HD to mag tape. A single tape would hold a couple of
dozen disks, and cost about $10 vs. another HD platter at >$200.

I used it, but it had a bug, and predictably, I eventually had a system
crash. NP, I thought.


It turns out, the "backup" utility backed up ONLY DP0....   NOT THE OTHER

That's a lesson I've never forgotten. It cost me near a year to recover.

Sorry, but I am simply not interested in home brew SW, no matter who
writes it. I do not trust any individual programmers for anything




> In message <4CFCFA90.4080601 at erols.com>, Chuck Harris writes:
>>And yet, like the philanthropist tossing $100 bills, or Joshua Bell
>> playing
> his heart out in a subway station, they are largely ignored by the masses.
> Well ... maybe.
> My attitude has always been that I was happy to have only 1% market share,
> provided they were the smartest 1% of the market.
> That is not just a flippant comment, it is a well thought out policy.
> I'm pretty sure that Joshua would equally have hated to see his
> concerts filed with all the people who passed him by in the subway,
> and much prefers to see them filled with the 1% who really cares
> about what he lives for.
> A lot of open source software is written "Con Amore" and the last thing
> you want to get out of spending you spare time on something you love,
> is to be pestered by people who don't "get it".
> In a purely utilitarian or economic sense you are right, it is sad, the
> same way any other waste of resources is sad, but reality is somewhat
> more complicated than that.
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