[volt-nuts] OT Re: do you like Labview in your labs?

Marvin E. Gozum marvin.gozum at jefferson.edu
Tue Dec 7 13:50:24 UTC 2010

If Word or Open office won't work then try Window's built in Wordpad, 
or opensource AbiWord, they all have a realm of converters.

At 02:08 AM 12/7/2010, Charles P. Steinmetz wrote:
>Chuck wrote:
>>Openoffice.org is free, and will open all of the older versions of 
>>word files.
>Not so.  At least, my copy won't (see the last paragraph of my 
>previous message, below).  Or rather, it will open at least some of 
>them, but in unformatted text mode, not with their Word formatting 
>-- much like opening them in a text editor.  Useless for old article 
>manuscripts, for example, which have lots of formatting, paragraph 
>and text styles, formulas with symbols, headers and footers, 
>multiple sections, etc., etc.
>Best regards,
>>>True enough, I much prefer older versions of the Office apps. That was
>>>true even before the hateful "ribbon" interface. BUT. The current
>>>versions of the Office apps won't open old files anymore, so if you send
>>>what you create to someone with the current version, you're SOL. I have
>>>thousands of old Word files that I can't open, except in a text editor.
>>>I have an old version of Word, but MS doesn't seem to allow one to have
>>>both versions installed.
>>>(If someone knows of a good solution to this, I'm all ears. And no, the
>>>Open Office word mangler won't open them, either.)
>>>Best regards,
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