[volt-nuts] Analog Data logger search

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Thu Dec 16 22:53:39 UTC 2010

Thanks, Looks close. I'd try it, except for its the limited speed of 6 per second.
What I have now goes at 480 samples/sec and be nice if the upgrade was more like 1K/sec.

Marv Gozum wrote:
Try these:

product range from 20 Euros to 60.

I've looked at them but can't be sure how stable they are for 
accuracy.  If you do acquire it, can you review it for us or a 
similar one, and what modifications may be needed to improve stability?

WarrenS wrote:
>Yes, a DMM that does fast data logging to a PC would work fine for 
>those that already have one.
>It does not make such a great universal solution for most.
>Anything under a hundred US dollars is worth considering.
>What I'm looking for is a 16 bit, bipolar, solution to upgrade
>a small, obsolete, DataQ, RS-232, serial, product that uses the 12 
>bit ADC of a two dollar Pic micro.

Best Wishes,

Marv Gozum

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