[volt-nuts] HP 3478A - Value? Quirks? Opinion?

Darrell darrell at shaw.ca
Fri Dec 31 18:21:40 UTC 2010

Looking for opinions on the HP 3478A multimeter.  I see them listed in 
the 100-200 U.S. dollar range for items in good shape, and right now a 
calibrated one for $170.  I like to stick to HP/Tek/Fluke so I can 
easily find broken units for a good price to get parts from and manuals 
are easier to get.

For my purposes (hobby and experimenting) it has more than enough digits 
and speed.  I like the high resistance on the low DC volt ranges.  It's 
not my only meter.  I have two Flukes from the 80's and a basic 
Tektronix plug-in.

What is the minimum I can get away with to prove/calibrate the DC volt 

Thanks in advance.

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