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Use a toaster oven here for parts not easy to remove with iron and solder sucker. In the past used butane touch and locking pliers but this takes more skill. A dremel tool with cut off wheel to cut pc board or metal sheer when I want to use a sub system like power line filter or power supply. I don't think this is time or cost effective but it does reduce the storage space for my junk. 


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>There are two sellers of the LTZ1000 on eBay. Both are selling second hand. 
>Both are in Hong Kong:

>I can't imagine where they get them from.

They get them from the very efficient electronics recycling industries
in India, Pakistan and mainland China.

All the eletronic crap that EU and USA "recycle" gets shipped to asia
and gets dismantled and sorted through in some of the most hazardous
landfills you could even imagine.

Many of these components are unsoldered by warming the PCB over a
bonfire and then shaking and scraping the components loose into old
oil-bins or plastic buckets.

The components gets sold by the pound, to "sorters" and from there
they end up in electronics, toys, radios, tvs etc, and for specialty
high-value components like the LTZ1000: on ebay.

The LTZ1000's may just happen have been carefully selected by HP
for a HP3458A-opt4, that was later dropped from an army-truck, but
it was unsoldered by child labour over open fire and you probably
get what you pay for...


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