[volt-nuts] Fluke 8502A

Rob Klein rob.klein at smalldesign.nl
Fri May 7 15:13:46 UTC 2010


Well, that's quite something different than what I understood from your 
first post, where you were talking
about "step 3" in the manual. But clearly, since you now say it 
recognises the firmware version and modules,
then proceeds to display some -erroneous- value, something else is going on.

You should go through the procedure and take a turn at step 4, rather 
than 3. This leads you to step 59
(or at least it does in my version of the manual (rev 1 7/81). Since 
you've already established that the supply
voltages are in spec and since you do not have the mythical 
Interconnect-Monitor PCB, I would follow
the steps from 70 onwards, to check all the analogue modules. If those 
are OK, you most probably have
a defective isolator.

Good luck!


steve gunsel schreef:
> Rob,
> I have removed the 3 optional plug-in boards and that does not help.
> There are 6 plug-ins that must be plugged in.
> I checked the power supply voltages and they are all in spec.
> When powered up, it ...
> Recognizes the software (3.0.0, newer than that in the manual);
> Recognizes the optional plug-ins, when plugged in;
> Displays 112.94 VDC with the inputs shorted, but this changes with 
> different ranges.
> AC volts behave similarly.
> Steve

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