[volt-nuts] Wanted Coto reed relay part number 7002-5086

David C. Partridge david.partridge at perdrix.co.uk
Tue Nov 9 14:06:34 UTC 2010

Just use the new one he says.  Ah well if I only had one ... and have you seen the prices on these babies, never mind the fact that there don't appear to be (m)any suppliers with stock.

Coil is OC somewhere but the whole shooting match is epoxy encapsulated, so fat chance of fixing it.

David Partridge

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Just use the 12V part as-is,  or add a current limiting resistor in series with the coil.

Or buy a reed,  a spool of magnet wire,  a lot of beer,  and have a spinning good time...

I got in a 5370A with a bad power relay coil...  4PST Potter and Brumfield still available for the piddly cost of $385 (but Tucker supposedly has them for $20).  Luckily I had a parts unit for a donor.  Otherwise I would have used a $2 unit from the local surplus store and wired it in.  Usually relay coils fail at the pin and can be fixed.  This one did not. 		 	   		  
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