[volt-nuts] Source for spade lugs?

J. Forster jfor at quik.com
Sun Sep 5 17:47:28 UTC 2010




>   Randy,
> you're right, nowadays it seems difficult to find those low EMF spade
> lug cable assemblies.
> Even Keithley obviously offers no classical ones any more, i.e. spade
> lugs crimped on each side, shielded, etc.
> Only special ones for their nV Voltmeters.
> Although the crimped version, on (oxygen free) copper stranded wire
> offers lowest EMF, I think that this is necessary for ultra low voltage
> measurement (nV range) and ultra high precision transfer from a JJ
> standard only.
> Ohm measurement can well be handled by Kelvin measurement and EMF
> compensation, without usage of low EMF cable.. although a good 4 fold
> cable assembly with surrounding shield would be preferred.
> I simply use gold plated 4mm banana plugs (SLS4-B = LS 4 + KT-4B, or
> LK-4B for complete test leads) from the Swiss manufacturer Multi-Contact.
> On my 3458A, these parts deliver EMF well below 1µV after 1-2 minutes
> settling time, low contact resistances, and  they are mechanically
> stable. Even after years of usage they show no wearout of the gold
> plating and no relaxation of the elastic force.
> They are not suited for higher voltages. By using ordinary HV saftey
> cables, EMF plays a minor role only.
> See catalogue p.40, p.73:
> http://www.multi-contact.com/AcroFiles/Catalogues/TM_Test&Measure_%28de-en-fr%29_hi.pdf
> A pity, they do not offer those spade lugs anymore.
> I think that on our metrological (accuracy) level, EMFs firmly around
> and below 1µV are sufficient.
> Frank
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