[volt-nuts] Source for spade lugs?

Alan Scrimgeour scrimgap at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Sep 11 15:20:01 UTC 2010

Yes, I tried a mix for chemically stripping tin and lead from copper. I 
think it also removed the inter-metallic layer between them, which is 
important, judging by the bright copper colour, but that's a guess. I can't 
find the details now, but if you Google enough you'll probably find the 
details at a site specialising in advising members of the metal plating 
industry. I think it was a mixture of water, copper sulphate and sulphuric 
acid (which I had to hand) and used at about 80C. There were some other 
formulations but they sounded more complex or expensive and commercial 
products are available if cost is no object. I haven't checked the result 
for thermally generated voltage against the same lugs with the plating 
thoroughly sanded off, but they looked the right colour.


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>  Op 4-9-2010 23:48, J. Forster schreef:
>> Another option would be an electrical supply house, then chemically strip
>> the plating.
>> -John
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> In an exchange of PM's, fellow Volt-Nut Alan Scrimgeour showed me how he 
> had successfully
> done just that. As far as I've looked, almost all commercially available 
> crimp terminals are
> tin plated pure copper, although there are a few brass ones about too.
> - Rob
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