[volt-nuts] Best cleaning procedure for precision cirquits

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That's a good process. When compressed air is not available, rinsing the board under the water faucet to remove dirty alcohol before it evaporates works too since alcohol is water soluble (even though the flux is not). 

Its good to use both water and alcohol cleaning (in succession) since some contaminants are only soluble in one of the two but not both. However, the most common contaminants like flux and fingerprints will be cleaned with just alcohol.


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Hi Andreas,

In my opinion, 99% (or 91%) isopropyl alcohol is the most
ideal PCB cleaning solvent available to us today.

I keep three bottles of isopropyl alcohol in my shop.
One dirty with rosin, one mostly clean, and one fresh 99%

After I assemble new boards, I soak and scrub them with the
dirty alcohol, then after shaking dry, I wash them with the
mostly clean alcohol, shake dry, and then wash with the fresh
99% alcohol.  After shaking the alcohol off, I blow dry the
boards with compressed air.

When I rework a previously built board, I use fresh 99%
alcohol for the first wash and scrub, and for the last rinse.
I always blow dry with compressed air as it blows away the
alcohol rather than letting it evaporate and leave behind
a residue.

-Chuck Harris

Andreas Jahn wrote:
> Hello all,
> currently I am soldering my first LTZ1000A reference board.
> Up to now I am cleaning my precision boards after soldering with
> denatured alcohol in a pre-washing and a main washing procedure.
> After this the last washing stage is with clean water to get rid of the
> white haze from the denatured alcohol.
> What is the best cleaning procedure? Is there one in a repair manual of
> any precision instrument?
> Which of the near best procedure can be done at a home?
> What are You doing to clean the boards?
> best regards
> Andreas

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