[volt-nuts] Help choosing DVM

Daniel Mendes dmendesf at gmail.com
Mon Sep 27 22:29:33 UTC 2010

Hi, i´m a lurker of this list. I design data processing systems, most of 
them with FPGAs or DSPs, for a living. I´m starting to make measurement 
systems too. For now they are 16 bit systems (they have a 16 bit A/D). 
In the future i´ll try to wet my feet in 24-bit A/Ds. To calibrate them 
i´ll buy a DVM. By the way, i´m in Brazil. The options I have now are:

DM3062 from Rigol (I know... it´s chinese) for about US$2000 - 6 ½ digits

Keithley – 2100 for about US$2200 - 6 ½ digits

Keithley – 2001 for about US$10000 - 7 ½ digits

I´m inclined to buy one of the Keithley´s but what is worring me is that 
seems that the Keithley 2001 is much older than the 2100 (no USB, less 
memory, etc). I need to measure at most +-10V from DC to about 3KHz. 
Current measurement in the range of 1A is expected too. Data logging 
would be cool, but I can live without it. Does somebody here can speak 
about these?



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