[volt-nuts] Best cleaning procedure for precision cirquits

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Mon Sep 27 23:05:42 UTC 2010

I guess it all depends on what it is.  If it is trichloro anything,
it is very poisonous to your liver.  If it is pentachloro anything,
it is very bad for the environment, sinking quickly to the water

Isopropyl isn't the most aggressive flux solvent, but it does work
well with a little toothbrush scrubbing action.  And it leaves the
boards very clean.

I prefer it because it is relatively benign to the environment, and
to my health.

Best probably would be pharma grade ethanol.

-Chuck Harris

Eric Garner wrote:
> Is there a compelling reason not to use canned de-fluxer? I use
> http://www.techspray.com/newinfo/1621.pdf
> and it seems to leave my boards very nice looking after soldering.
> before soldering I give them a quick wipe with isopropyl alcohol to
> degrease.
> -Eric

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