[volt-nuts] Help choosing DVM

Daniel Mendes dmendesf at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 16:37:21 UTC 2010

  Em 28/9/2010 01:08, Laurence Motteram escreveu:
> "It is the best DVM ever produced",
> Some might say that the Fluke 8508A and Datron 1271 and 1281 at least give the HP3458A fair competition.
> If you are looking at the Keithley DMMs, you might consider the model 2010.  It is as good as the 2001 for DC Volts, but much cheaper.

I´m not locked to Keithley but it would be much easier to buy these. 
Thanks for your idea for the model 2010, i´ll take a look at it.


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