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WB6BNQ wb6bnq at cox.net
Tue Aug 9 09:03:08 UTC 2011

Geez Poul,

I must say I am surprised that after carefully describing my position twice, you
still failed to understand the direction I was coming from.  Whether you agree
with me is immaterial.

However, if you go back and re-read what I wrote you will see that I DID NOT call
the “kind of calibration” BS.  For the third and last time; I was calling the
“NEED” as BS under certain conditions.  No matter, you are entitled to your

As for Greg’s time ?  Really ?  I guess everyone else’s time is unimportant.  It
is his choice to comment here.  Your argument about his time or rather my lack of
respect for his time is not persuasive.

As for asking a question, well, usually it is to solicit a perspective from the
party asked.  Their response is informative, as it was in this case.  So the
question served its purpose.  Your view is equally informative, thank you.


Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:

> In message <4E40C959.9E83674D at cox.net>, WB6BNQ writes:
> >Greg,
> >
> >Your elitist attitude is off base here.
> Bill, your dumb attitude is off base here.
> Calling a particular kind of calibration "BS" because you don't
> understand who and where it is useful, labels you as a dumb loud-mouth.
> That you can't be bothered to look up things you don't understand,
> but instead demand that Greg explains such basic concepts as
> type A and B errors for you attests to lack of respect for other
> peoples time.
> And your silly dismissal of that concept, because you still don't
> understand it after he provided you with links should disqualify
> you from membership of this list.
> Greg, through no accident, knows what he is talking about, and you
> clearly have no knowledge that allows you to belittle his knowledge.
> Please shut up Bill.
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