[volt-nuts] Battery pack info for Fluke 731B

Fred Schneider pa4tim at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 15:52:50 UTC 2011

http://www.pa4tim.nl/?p=2376 pictures of mine including the battery pack. It had two sets of 9 nicads parallel. I first replaced it by a voltage regulator but that was no succes. Now I have two nicd 7.2V packs in series from a RC car connected. And the rest original. They did not fit inside so I made a connector to attach them outside the unit. Also made a DC connection so I can feed it from a labsupply, that improves stability. So i found out the output is changed by the input, so I think my regulating opamp is not so fresh anymore.


Op 21 aug. 2011 om 17:18 heeft "Dave M" <dgminala at mediacombb.net> het volgende geschreven:

> I bought a Fluke 731B DC Reference Standard at a hamfest yesterday.  It 
> seems to be working in all functions, but is missing the 10-turn indicating 
> dial on the front panel, and the battery pack.  I think I have found a 
> suitable replacement dial from Digikey (Digikey pn SP015-1-11-ND).
> I need to know the voltage and current rating of the battery pack. Does 
> anyone have any info on the battery?  I know that it's a NiCd pack, and I 
> suspect that it's a 12-cell pack (14.4V), but that's just a guess.  The 
> manual just gives Fluke's part number for the battery; no other data.
> Thanks for helping,
> David
> dgminala at mediacombb dot net
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