[volt-nuts] LTZ1000ACH and LTZ1000CH in China

LMZ lmz at dhc.com.cn
Sat Aug 27 08:14:28 UTC 2011

Hi everyone,


I'm new here but I'm an old LTZ1000 user. I'd just like to reply John's mail
on Fri Aug 26 18:27:20 UTC 2011:

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Does anyone know if the ebay / Chinese LTZ1000 are the real thing?

E.g. 250823975393.

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In short answer, they are definitely NOT REAL.


I personally have many experiences in buying LTZ1000ACH/LTZ1000CH, part for
my own use part as group buys for other Chinese volt-nuts. Here is the list
of type of LTZ1000 one can buy in China:


1.      Brand new from authorize dealer 



Expensive but true.


2.      Used



Original marking and short legged as dismantled from used board, cheap and
pre-aged, these are the best.



3.      Legs extended or/and re-marked




There are many skilled workers in China who can make the extension, not only
for LTZ1k but for other IC as well. As it involves high temperature heating
while joining, it may have permanent effect on long term stability, if not
damaged. Therefore, these are not recommended even though they are genuine.


4.      Faked




These are NOT LTZ1000 at all. The original IC must be some cheap op-amp and
later re-marked plus legs extended. I once bought 30 of those and have they
refunded afterwards.


Lymex Zhang

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