[volt-nuts] Solartron 7081 Serial Communication

Михаил timka2k at yandex.ru
Sat Dec 3 05:32:42 UTC 2011

Hi, Chris!
This http://img703.imageshack.us/img703/6209/rs232cable.jpg is my Solartron 7081
crosslink (null-modem) cable pinouts.
This http://img37.imageshack.us/img37/1311/pcb1.jpg is the DIP-switches
configuration. All 8-th switches is in the OFF position (from left to right):
1) emergency state saving at Power Down is active;
2) not connected;
3) - 5) RS232 9600 baude rate selected;
6) - 7) Stimulation test program deactivated;
8) Reset circuite in normal mode (Reset must be deactivated to access internal
Monitor programm).
This http://img802.imageshack.us/img802/5344/screenshotmr.png is the Terminal
screenshot with data bits/parity/stop bits etc settings. OUTPUT,RS232,ON must be
a first command to enable RS232 response. This command is stored in memory even at
power off until device initialized or NiCd battery discharged.
If none of the above does not work, it may be hardware problem with IC25 LM301
and IC4 74LS14.

Mickle T.

Friday, December 2, 2011, 5:47:20 AM, you wrote:
CE> I'm trying to get my Solartron 7081 to talk to my computer (IBM T42 with XP,
CE> PCMCIA serial port, Terminal v1.9b by Br at y++) and am getting no response
CE> whatsoever from it - not even a keyboard echo. I know the serial port works
CE> as I have no trouble connecting to my Stanford Research PRS-10 Rb standard,
CE> car OBD-II ports, etc. 
CE> I have to be able to establish communications with it as that is the only
CE> means of calibrating it. I know about the internal dip switches to adjust
CE> the baud rate and have set them to 9600. There is no mention in the manual
CE> about data bits/parity/stop bits, so I'm using 9600 with the default 8/n/1,
CE> no handshaking. My local cal lab couldn't get it to respond either and gave
CE> up on it. (I also don't have a GPIB port to try.)
CE> There is currently a Guildline badged one on everyone's favorite auction
CE> site right now with what looks like a null modem attached to the back (item
CE> 230706418327) - is this where I'm going wrong? Any ideas? Dead serial port?
CE> What has worked for you?
CE> Thanks,
CE> Chris

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