[volt-nuts] 3478A - Kelvin Klips

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Mon Jan 3 22:09:24 UTC 2011

Hi John:

A lot depends on how low.  I did a lot of testing using the 34401A DMM 
in 4-wire mode and determined that the DC method is not accurate below 
50 milliohms because of voltage generation.  This testing was done using 
the HP 11059A Kelvin lead set.
Links to Kelvin clips and part numbers at the bottom of the above page.

For 100 milliohms and lower you need to use an AC method, like the 4328A

Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke

J. Forster wrote:
> A bunch of people on eBay sell knock-off Kelvin Klips. I'd like to get a
> set for 4-terminal Ohms with my 3478A.
> Does anybody have any experience on which are good and which are trash? I
> do have a slight preference for made-up lead sets w/ Bananna Plugs on the
> meter end.
> I am not interested in 8 digit accuracy, just being able to measure low
> ohms w/o contact issues.
> Best,
> -John
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