[volt-nuts] Re: Fluke 515A battery

Dickson Fu dicksonfuhk at yahoo.com.hk
Fri Mar 4 18:22:20 UTC 2011

Hi all,

Thanks.  I have found a custom battery builder locally, and probably the price 
is about 1/4 of those US maker mentioned before.

All I need is the specification.  I now know it is 2 packs of 18 x 500mAh nicad 
cell.  Suppose each nical cell has 1.2V, so totally 21.6V per battery pack.

Thanks and Regards,
Dickson Fu

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Mark wrote:

> The battery pack has two strings of 18 x 500mAh nicad cells.
> If you have $150 burning a hole in your pocket try 

SR Batteries will build pretty much any nicad pack you need:


He has sources for better cells than I have ever found on my own -- I have never 
had better, longer-lasting nicads than the ones I get from him.  (No idea what 
he might charge to duplicate the 515A pack.)

No connection other than extremely satisfied customer.

Best regards,


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