[volt-nuts] tek transformers

Brian Kirby kilodelta4foxmike at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 02:39:43 UTC 2011

Years ago my brother-in-law bought a pallet of equipment.  In it was 
some (7-8) Tektronix transformers.

In our spring cleaning, we found the units.  I do not know what they are 
for, maybe some scopes (the pallet of equipment came from the military).

P/N is Tektronix 120-0203-00 and another number P/O 050-0039-00.  The 
transformers have 12 solder terminals and the date codes show they were 
made in 1979.  Units are 4- 1/8 inches long, 3.5 inches deep and about 
3.5 inches tall.

If anybody wants them they are welcomed to them for the cost of postage. 
  They weigh 5 pounds each.

Brian - KD4FM

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