[volt-nuts] msc1210 microvolt meter

Fred pa4tim at gmail.com
Wed May 18 12:43:05 UTC 2011

I received the MSC1210 dev kit from Eric. There are a lot off sample
programs on the CD, manuals enough to keep reading whole summer but I do
not want to become a pro-programmer, I just need to put a voltage
between 0 and 5V in the ADC (it seems I need not even a chopper before
it) The Zin is > 1GOhm and it can handle upto 5V with a 1uV resolution.
That is good enough for the first trials. If I get that working the next
step will be a good front-end.

I have the board, a RS232 cable, a PC onder ubuntu-linux with a RS232
port. I can program in C/C++ (just enough for what I want) and program a
Arduino. I use GCC or G++ with Anjuta as IDE.

I have a VM with XP but I am not very familiar in XP and the demo
software tells me it is missing files, sizes to big ect. So I rather
work in Linux.

What I want:
- connect a voltage to an ADC port
- read it's digitized value
- sent it through the RS232 to a terminal
That's all. If I have the value on my PC I display it in the terminal
program and that is suffiscient for know.

I think I can write a C++ program that monitors the serial port, do not
yet know how but that I can sort out.

I do not have to write software for the MSC, I think I can use one of
the many examples (and maybe modify a bit) 

But I now have the MSC hooked up and have no clue what to do. Found a
how to that tells me how to debug but not how to get the code into the
MSC. Or in what format. (I think hex).

To use my HP plotter I just copy the file to the RS232 and then it
starts plotting. I am afraid this is not gonna work here ;-) 
I also do not know if I can dammage the MSC by using wrong commands like
you can spoil a AVR by doing something wrong with the fuses (I'm told)
but for AVR I use AVR-dude and ISP over usb so that is easy (just done
that once so I'm not exeperienced in that).


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