[volt-nuts] 3458A - To Modify or Not To Modify?

Bill Gold wpgold3637 at att.net
Sat Nov 5 16:16:12 UTC 2011


    Excellent point that I had overlooked.  But I agree with you that HP should have used some sort of securing method for the NVRAM.  One good drop from ye olde UPS brown suit gorilla and it would be all over.  I have seen these sort of devices that are heavy, strapped in as you point out.  No spec on how much G force the meter can be subjected to and still work correctly.  I have had 3456A meters calibrated, and upon request Agilent will send you an empty shipping box designed for the instrument which is just like the original shipping box when the meter was first delievered.  They certainly return the meter in this box, no matter what packaging you send it in, to the calibration facility.  Seeing these boxes I would believe that the meter would survive most anything short of falling out of the plane at 40,000 feet.

    I guess that then this would affect what Joe would want to do to his A5 board.  Also I doubt that Loveland would take the time to change the NVRAM on Joe's board, just replace it with a "new" one.  If they would put in an A5 board with the new surface mount "snap hat" NVRAM then he would not have anymore problems.  Of course we don't know if Agilent is still making new A5 boards or if they are "refurbishing to factory specs" old boards.  But then the 3458A is still a current product being sold.  I don't know.

    Since I have my local standards, shipment by UPS didn't enter my mind.


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