[volt-nuts] 3458A - To Modify or Not To Modify?

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I think the main issue with sockets is long term reliability. The 5370 is a good example. Both units I have suffered from bad socket syndrome, even though it took a crowbar to pull the chips out. Contact pressure was not lacking, but corrosion set in anyway. After replacing the cheap (and old) original sockets with new sockets with machined contacts, problems went away. A painstaking job, but well worth it.

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    After opening my meter and trying to get the NVRAM out of the sockets I used I have changed my mind and IMHO there would be no way, in normal shipping and handling, that these NVRAM would ever come out of their sockets.  I cannot remove them with my fingers by just pulling upwards and I almost can't get them out by rocking them back and forth in the sockets.  It is easier to remove the ribbon cables than it is to get the NVRAM out of these sockets.  If the meter took a G force shock sufficient to cause the NVRAM to come out of their sockets, then the meter would probably be non operational also and would require extensive repairs, once the NVRAM was put back into the sockets after the shock.

    I can't identify the brand of "machined" sockets I used but they are very similar to the "Mill-Max" brand in the Allied catalog.  Mine are simply branded with a "S", with a bar on the top and bottom of the "S" but not connected to the "S".

    I would have no problem shipping my 3458A to Loveland with these sockets for the NVRAM, and even better if I used the shipping box provided by Agilent.

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