[volt-nuts] Now Pace desoldering maintanance question

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Mon Nov 7 13:53:23 UTC 2011

Agreed, the filter won't pass liquid at a reasonable flow rate, so it
should be removed for cleaning.  The filters can be cleaned with alcohol
and a little compressed air to dry them (low pressure), though.  I clean
and reuse the felt filters many times too.... and when they are too far
gone, I replace them with a cotton ball.

The exhaust ports on my pace units seem to seal ok.  They are designed
to leak as a way of adjusting the output pressure.  When they are full
on, they should be sealed.... should be isn't the same as are, though.

Cleaning such things is always a case of dilution being the solution
to pollution.  You are trying to thin out the rosin.  The first batch
of alcohol is just to soften the rosin, and move the bulk of it out...
It will get pretty yucky, and will take a while.  After it is done,
nd flushed, it could be worth while to just pass the alcohol through
the pump to waste.  I tend to use 3 small (1/3 cup) jars, and it is good

Because I don't like to through out solvents like this, I rotate the
jars with each cleaning.  The first pass jar is discarded, and the 2nd
pass jar becomes the new first pass jar, the 3rd pass jar becomes the
new 2nd pass jar, and the old 1st pass jar gets filled with clean to
become the new 3rd pass jar.

-Chuck Harris

Mark Sims wrote:
> One thing to be aware of when running solvents through these things is that many
> models have an internal Visifilter (usually the totally sealed one) on the lines
> (some have just a fiber filter).   You should replace that at this time.   I
> always remove it before cleaning the pump...  otherwise it can store a lot of
> fluids you probably don't want hanging around in the machine.
> I have tried recirculating the solvent,  but the exhaust port pressure valve seems
> to always leak solvent,  so I just cover the port with a rag.  Also,  by not
> recirculating the solvent,  you don't recirculate grunge back into the machine.
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