[volt-nuts] Homebrew DVM

Randy Evans randallgrayevans at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 10 16:20:58 UTC 2011

8.5 digits with averaging.
I did consider that but the ADCs I am familiar with only have a 5V input range so range resistors would be required, not desirable for me.  Also, they won't directly take the 7.2V ref input from a LTZ1000.  Plus the AN-260 circuitry is not too complex.  Otherwise, I agree with you.  

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>My hope is that the DVM will be able to measure to 8.5 digits [...]

Do you mean 8.5 digits single-shot, or 8.5 digits with averaging ?

Considering that you can get off-the shelf ADC's where 24 bit is routine
and 26 bits available, I'm not sure I'd bother...


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