[volt-nuts] Serious problems fluke 731A, 720 and solartron

J. L. Trantham jltran at att.net
Wed Oct 5 12:17:53 UTC 2011


I have those from Didier's site.  However, I have always preferred paper
manuals.  It's just easier for me to use.  So I found them at Manuals Plus
and bought them.  They are on the way.

I also made an inquiry with Telford Electronics in England
(http://www.telford-electronics.co.uk/manual.php?alpha=s) and it turns out
they have original 7081 Operation Manual Part I (12.50), Operation Manual
Part II (17.50) and a 'very good copy' of the Service Manual (20.00) (all
the amounts are GBP) and they do PayPal.  So, for anyone in Europe, they
might be a good source



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Hi, Joe!
This is the link to the full versions of the Operating Manual and
Maintenance (not Service!) Manual for Solartron 7081

Mickle T.

Monday, September 26, 2011, 4:41:25 AM, you wrote:
JLT> Steve,

JLT> You must have something to do with aviation.

JLT> My meter just arrived in Oak Ridge yesterday.  Hopefully, it will 
JLT> be on the way to England later this week.  Their turn around time 
JLT> estimate is 4 weeks. Hopefully, I will have it back by first part 
JLT> of November.

JLT> I found the folks in Oak Ridge very friendly and helpful.  The lady 
JLT> I spoke with offered to try to find a manual for the 7081 but did 
JLT> not have any.  She did, though, have an operating manual for the 
JLT> 7061 that she sent me in .PDF form.  If anyone wants it, let me 
JLT> know.  It is about 1 MB in size.  I have not looked to see if one 
JLT> is posted anywhere around the net or not.

JLT> Also, I found a complete set of used manuals for the 7081 
JLT> (Operating Part I, Operating Part II, and Service) at Manuals Plus 
JLT> and bought them.  They have yet to arrive.

JLT> I am anxious to see what they find in England and how it performs 
JLT> when it gets back.

JLT> Joe

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