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I purchased a Keithley 2002 in March this year for $970 USD on eBay.  Two 
others (in need of repair) went for about $700 USD before I bought this one.

Having worked with the HP 3458A and the Keithley 2002 I can say there are 
pros and cons for each.  The positive points for the Keithley are 1) smaller 
size and lighter weight 2) ability to add an internal scanner card  3) 
remarkable ohms performance. The ohms benefits from it's ability to 
automatically take a DC measurement with the current source OFF, and 
subtract that value from the reading with the current source ON. You don't 
even notice it happening.

With the 2002 there is definitely more noise and bouncing around on the last 
two digits but if you are creative with averaging it can be reduced. I have 
found talking to it over HPIB with the SCPI commands is very complicated, 
especially when you try to use the scanner card.  It does have a 3458A 
"emulation" mode.  There is an interesting paper showing a comparison of the 
two meters.  Do a Google search for "Comparison of Keithley2002 and HP3458A 



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I just saw a Keithley 2002 come and go on ebay, no time to research the 
price so I didnt bid. It went for a delivered price of about £1100 sterling. 
Is that about the going rate for these? The 1nV resolution is interesting.

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