[volt-nuts] Trimming the LTZ1000 tempco

Михаил timka2k at yandex.ru
Fri Oct 7 04:16:35 UTC 2011


Please, look at the actual measurement results, maked by LTZ guru Lymex
Zhang/BG2VO (GIF attached).
And some information about tempco:

With best regards
Mickle T.

Friday, October 7, 2011, 1:37:38 AM, you wrote:
>> It seems that the page 6 trick slightly reduces the tempco but it
>> still stays in the 50ppm/C area. Or I have forgot something in my
>> calculations. I don't have a spare LTZ1000 available at the moment to
>> run the tests but maybe Andreas has time in the future.
AJ> Hello,
AJ> But consider: a resistance change on the 200R resistor of page 6
AJ> will directly affect output voltage. 200R * 5mA = 1V.
AJ> A 100 ppm change of the 200R Resistor has a 1V/8.2V 
AJ> = 12 ppm change on output voltage.
AJ> All other resistors have below 1ppm change with 100ppm resistance change.

AJ> So the 200 Ohms resistor will be the most 
AJ> critical for tempco and ageing in the whole system.

AJ> So in my opinion its only worth to consider if you 
AJ> really need to save the 20-30 mA for the heater.

AJ> With best regards
AJ> Andreas
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