[volt-nuts] Serious problems fluke 731A, 720 and solartron

J. L. Trantham jltran at att.net
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I have not had a chance to compare it page by page but it is the Maintenance
Manual, part number 70810014, Issue 5: August 1986, just like the .PDF copy
on the web.  Only it is much more legible.

The Operating Manual Part I is part number 70810010, like the .PDF on the
web, but it is a different issue, Issue 7: July 1994.  Again, I have not
compared it page by page but it looks the same.

The Operating Manual Part II is part number 70810011, Issue 5: June 1985,
like the .PDF on the web.


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Is your paper manual differ from the PDF-versions in the web? Are they
the Service Manual (not Maintenance Manual)?

Mickle T.

Friday, October 7, 2011, 7:31:36 AM, you wrote:
JLT> Steve,

JLT> Flight Safety?  I got my Private Pilot's license in 1968, an ATP in
JLT> and now about 4500 hours later I am still flying.

JLT> I did find a 3458A that should be here next week.  It was advertised as
JLT> fully functional and comes with a 30 day return guarantee.  For what I
JLT> I will be able to return it to Agilent for repair and still be ahead of
JLT> I have seen on theBay.  Hopefully, all it will need is a return for
JLT> alignment/calibration. 

JLT> If Solartron is 'on schedule', I should have the 7081 back before
JLT> Thanksgiving.  I just hope there is not hidden disaster that makes it
JLT> useless.

JLT> I got the paper manuals today for the 7081 and they appear to be in
JLT> condition but I am a little suspicious that they are copies rather than
JLT> original.  But very good condition and very legible.

JLT> Joe

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