[volt-nuts] Serious problems fluke 731A, 720 and solartron

J. L. Trantham jltran at att.net
Sat Oct 8 04:29:59 UTC 2011


Let me know if you can't find your cal key.  A list member had a spare and
sent it to me to use on my 'new' 7081.  It fit perfectly and I have made
some spares.  I will be happy to send you one if you give me your mailing

In the 'CAL' position, the switch is just opened.  So, all you have to do to
go into 'CAL' is to just pull one of the wires off the back of the switch.
How opening the unit to do this, and thus changing temperature, might impact
the calibration process, though, might be important.


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I did discover the cal key for my 7081 has disappeared so I need to dig 
around a bit for that or look for a replacement. I almost bought the 
7081 manuals in paper but decided the pdf's will work for me for now.


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