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Thanks for the info.  I had already 'bookmarked' that website but it did not
come up when I went looking.  However, I will go ahead and order the CLIP
from Agilent.  I prefer paper manuals just from the perspective of ease of


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    Just for your FYI, there is a scanned copy of the 3458A CLIP on this

    I have the "official" Agilent printed copy and this one looks very close
as far as I have checked.

    Also another FYI for anyone with a dimming front panel display, and I
had one with several alpha/numberic segments going very dim.  I decided to
replace the actual display, P/N 2090-0217 U1 Front Panel Display, for $80
rather than pay something like $500 for a replacement board.  I am quite
capable of doing this sort of delicate work.  It involved unsoldering 54
pins and then removing the old IC and then soldering in the new IC display.
I had already done the NVRAM replacements on two each 3458 with through
holes with a total of something like 160 pins to unsolder and then resolder
in IC sockets with no problems.

    The new 2090-0217 had the lead placement at a width of around 1.55
inches, where as the old part had a lead width of 1.4 inches.  This was, of
course, after I had removed the old IC and was ready to install the new IC.
I had to very carefully bend or reposition the leads on the new part inwards
so that they would fit the 1.4 inch hole pattern on my Front Panel Display
board, 03458-66507.  I did check carefully that the new part had the same
number and placement of leads as the old part and other dimensions.  It took
me about 2 hours of very careful work bending and then getting the leads to
go into each of the 54 holes.  But in the end the whole thing fit and works
perfectly with a very bright display now.  I don't know if the PC boards on
the newer units, 03458-66517, have a wider pin spacing than the original
boards.  I really don't see how the new boards could, as there is virtually
no room to increase the pin width and still get the correct positioning of
the display IC.

    I don't know if Agilent just incorrectly specified the new ICs, as they
now come from Samsung, or if there is something else I just don't know about
how the new PC board's U1 pin holes are positioned.

    Not a job for the fumble fingered.

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