[volt-nuts] 03458-90101 Manual Set

Bill Gold wpgold3637 at att.net
Mon Oct 10 23:00:33 UTC 2011


    I know that my dim segments problem was definitely the display IC, and not the driver IC.  I doubt seriously that resoldering pins would help my problem.  I have no experience with this type of display that is used in the 3458A.  I am not sure exactly what the technology is called.  You used the term "VFD", so what does that mean?  Agilent/HP CLIP calls the display an "IC Display - FIP".  I am not sure what the "FIP" means.  The original display I took out was made by Noritake.  It is obviously a custom display for HP.  There is a DC/DC converter to power the display and it is obvious that this is supplying a higher voltage to the IC, maybe 50 volts or so.  There are two caps on the high voltage supply lines that are 47 ufd/63v.


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